Fields of Activity

Turkey is a dynamic and diverse country. The famous image of Turkey bridging East and West is part of the fascination Turkey beholds, but also part of the challenges the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation faces in its everyday work. Tasks posed by both, domestic and foreign politics are integrated in all the projects, conducted by the FES Turkey office.

Our Aims and Projects

The projects carried out in Turkey are divided into three thematic parts:

The first branch deals with DEMOCRACY AND RULE OF LAW. By providing political education and facilitating the discussion on topics such as human, citizen, and especially women’ rights, the FES tries to support the process of democratization in Turkey. Similarly, we try to bring forward social democratic values. In addition, strengthening independent stakeholders in the media, civil society and judiciary is a crucial task of our projects we try to realize this aim by organizing trainings, seminars and conferences.

Projects running under the second thematic branch aim at supporting the development of a JUST AND SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY. Accordingly, we consider the development of a sustainable social and educational system the base for lasting stability in Turkey. Especially, when it comes to the rapidly growing market-economy, it is important to monitor and support a socially just development. This advocacy of social justice is a concept that leads through all projects conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Turkey.

FOREIGN POLICY is the third part of our engagement, under which we attend to the increasing role Turkey plays internationally. In order to realize lasting international relations with other states and regions, a constructive dialogue is required. Consequently, Turkey’s dialogue with the European Union is one of our foci in this branch. Being a social-democratic organization, we try to support EU-Turkey relationships and would appreciate Turkey’s accession.